Surnames Being Researched

A – Allsop, Allsopp, Arney, Arnold

Ada Ellen Allsopp 1880-1946, Alfred Samuel Allsopp 1876-1912, Alphonsus Charles Allsop 1881-1920, Bernice Allsop 1907– ,  Cyrus Clarence Allsopp 1896-1974Francis Allsopp 1919-2008Lance Phillip Allsop 1923-1941, Lola Gwen Allsopp 1931- , Lucy Elizabeth Allsop 1878-1945Mabel Alice Allsopp 1889-1965Michael Allsopp 1855, Robert Roland Allsopp 1852-1925Rhoda Margaret Allsopp 1886-1938Rowland Allsopp 1814-1858, Rowland Michael Allsop 1883-1918Sophia Eliza Allsopp 1893-1955, Thomas Allsopp 1766-1839, Thomas Allsopp 1739-?

Elizabeth Arney/Harney 1838-1887, Ann Arney 1841-?

Joseph Arnold 1819-1886, John Arnold 1784-1863

B – Bailey, Blunden, Brown, Browne, Bradshaw, Breckler

Edward Thomas Bailey 1882-1967, Henry Watts Bailey 1857-1885, Edward J Bailey 1834-1862, James Bailey 1808-1866, Madeleine Ines Bailey 1913-2000, Robert Bailey 1779-1856, John Bailey 1735-1806,

Catherine Bradshaw 1825-1920, John Bradshaw 1801-?

Daniel James Blunden 1827-1899,

Audrey Breckler 1985- ,

Kenneth Selby-Brown 1909-1963, Edward Browne 1832-1876,

Hedley Alexander Browne 1895-1916, Edward Brown 1832-1876,

C – Calmettes, Chilcott, Chipp

Isabelle Claude Jacqueline Calmettes 1957- ,

Sophia Eliza Chilcott 1840-1936, James Chilcott 1815-1840, James Chilcott 1781-1859

John Chip 1730-1780, Thomas Chipp 1754-1842, Sophia Chip 1803-1850

D – Di Salvia, Dorrington, Downey, Duncan,

Glenn Roy Di Salvia 1970- , Julie Ann Preston nee: Di Salvia 1956 –Kellie Ann Di Salvia 1958- , Kim Leigh Davidson nee: Di Salvia 1958 – , Douglas Norman Di Salvia 1943-2008, Giuseppe Di Salvia 1854-1932, Gwenneth Joy Svensson nee: Di Salvia 1945 – , Joseph Di Salvia 1882-1956, Noeleen Merle Di Salvia 1939-Ronald Norman Di Salvia 1915-1985,  Pietro Di Salvia 1835-?,

Sarah Ann Dorrington 1836-1907, William Dorrington 1811-1901, Daniel Dorrington 1787-1855, William Dorrington 1752-1777

Ann Elizabeth Downey 1985-1903, Henry Downey 1839-1948

Julia Duncan 1858-1854, Thomas Duncan 1819-1884, Emily Sarah Duncan 1862-1922, Daniel Duncan 1828-1880,

E – Emblem, Evans

Edward Emblem 1834-1887, Eleanor Emblem 1861-1904, Isabella Emblem 1863-?, Alica Emblem 1865-?, Albert E C Emblem 1867-?, George Frederick William Emblem 1867-1937, Alfred J Emblem 1871-1930, Edward Henry Emblem 1871-1887,

Ann Evans 1815-?, William Evans 1778-?

F – Fermor, Flockton, Fuller,

Ernest Victor Fermor 1918-2008, Ernest William Fermor 1888-?

Frederick Cox Flockton 1853-?, Webster Basil Baird Flockton 1894-1980, Gladys Rosalie Flockton 1923-1979

John Fuller 1590-1668,

G – Gatt, Good, Guette

Christina Gatt 1825-?, Alexander Gatt 1794-1876, James Gatt 1769-1858, James Gatt 1732-?, John Gatt 1701-?,

John Good 1782-?, Ann Good 1811-1854

Edgar Victor Guette 1846-1882, Gilbert Pierre Guette abt 1820-?

H – Hallett, Hastings, Hitchens, Hitchins, Hooker, Huff, Humble

Lucy Ann Hallett 1849-? George Hallett 1814-1883

Christina Lorna Hastings 1886-1935, Thomas James Hastings 1851-1928, Thomas Hastings 1824-?

Barbara Alice Hitchins 1914-1968, Henry George Hitchins 1883-1949, John Hitchins 1852-1908,

David Hooker 1826-1859,

Ada Amelia Eliza Huff 1855-1934, Joseph Samuel Huff 1825-1886, Joseph Samuel Huff 1780-1841, Joseph Langley 16

Emily Ann Humble 1856-1926

I – Idstein, Irish,

J – Jeffrey

K – Kershaw,

Elizabeth Kershaw 1810-1898

L – Langley, Lawless, Leach, Leggo, Lord

Jane Langley 1761-1836,

Jane Langley 1761-1836, Edward Arnold Langley 1720 -?, John Arnold Langley 1694-1738, Joseph Langley 1666-1693,Thomas Langley 1639-1669

John Francis Lawless 1814-1880,

Albert Arthur Leach 1877-1935,

Albert Edward Leggo 1855-?, Albert Edward Leggo 1887-?, Elsie Maude Leggo 1888-1961, Stella Constance Leggo 1890-?, Hilda Beatrice Leggo 1893 – 1964

Doris Isobel Lord 1911-1998, Elizabeth Florence Lord 1891-1973, William John Lord 1859-1927

M – McGrath, Mason

Florence May McGrath 1896-1973,

N – Nye,

O – Orman, O’Rourke,

Margaret O’Rourke 1834-1905,

P – Perreau, Pitman, Pogonoski, Powell, Preston,

Cecile Victoire Pereau abt. 1820-?

Richard Pitman 1741-?, William Pitman 1706-?, John Pitman 1664-?,

Kazimiery Pogonoski 1854-1920, Mary Monica Pogonoski 1884-1962

Susannah Powell 1778-?

Brett Marcus Preston 1984- ,Charles John Preston 1848-1926, Charlotte May Preston 2011 – , Cooper Lloyd Preston 2009 – , Edward Preston 1926- , John Preston 1825-?, Lexie Joyce Preston 2017 – Lucas Brent Preston 1982- , Percy Alexander Bertie Preston 1904-1976,  Percy James Preston 1937-1957, Robert Preston 1771-?, Terrance Lloyd Preston 1957 – ,  William Francis Preston 1800-1846,,


R – Rib, Ryan

Rebecca Rib 1708-?

James Ryan 1827-1911

S – Sampson, Scrambler, Slack, Smith, Speck, Strathdee, Stuve, Sutton

Elizabeth Jane Sampson 1794-1865, Ines Maude Smith 1882-1954,

T – Thevenet, Thompson, Thomsen

Florence Edith Thomsen 1892-aft. 1980, Frances Thompson  1860-1932, William Thompson 1782-1866, William Thompson 1830-1905, Frances Thompson 1860-1932,



W – Wellington, White, Whiteman,

Susannah Wellington 1819-1838

Caroline Ada Whiteman b 1866-?,Gertrude Grace Whiteman 1886-?, Mary Whiteman 1934-1924, Harriette Whiteman 1852-1935, Mary Ann Whiteman




2 thoughts on “Surnames Being Researched

  1. Hi
    While researching my husband’s family tree (for my kids) I came accross your blog because my husband is a great grandson of Marie Madeleine Thevenet and I was searching information about Harriet Whiteman.
    I know quite well the descendants of Marie Madeleine Thevenet (who the family used to call “Granny”), so if I can be of help to you, pls let me know. My husband actually remembers her well, and we’ve got pictures of her with her family.
    On our side, we would like to know about Harriett’s parents (who they were, where and when they were born etc.) Do you have that information ?
    My husband’s name is: Ronan LE ROY (his mother, Marie-Pierre Henin, was one of MM Thevenet’s grand daughters, through her daughter Simone)
    We live in Paris.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards

  2. I came across your site while looking up The Lord Lyndoch which was the vessel which transported my ancestor William Dobby to NSW in 1833 … I was delighted to see a painting of this vessel on your website. Could you let me know where you came across this painting as I’d like get hold of a high resolution file of this painting if available so I can get it enlarged and hang it on the wall. Anyway if you could let me know the source that would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    Warrick Dobbie

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