About The Keeper of Stories


To me, family history is so much more than a hobby – it is a passion!

Julie Preston
Julie Preston

The aim of my blog is to introduce other family members, no matter how close or how distant, to our ancestors.  I would like them to know what I have been able to research and document, in the hope that they will spend their time researching new details and adding to my work to collectively produce a comprehensive family history.  This is the single driving force behind my starting a public blog.

I just love looking for detail to round out the character of my ancestors so I interview as many living family members as possible and search extensively on  TROVE (Australian digitised newspapers) for additional information.  In many of my stories on an individual TROVE has been able to supply me with incredible detail about events in the lives of people within my family.  I dabble in writing!  Some of my stories are written around the few known facts that I might have, and are actually moulded on what I think may have happened.  I don’t profess to write well, but I am learning all the time and hope to get better as time passes.

The Keeper of Stories started in October of 2013.  Since then I have been able to make contact with a number of previously unknown family members from all over the world, which has been a thrilling experience.

During 2015 I decided to use my blog to introduce facts about myself in addition to all the stories about our relatives from the past.  I have found that many people spend all their time delving into the past, but they forget to leave documentation on themselves for future generations.  I want my family to know as much about the person that I am as possible – my beliefs, thoughts and ideas …….

I do hope you enjoy the site – feel free to look around, and remember – contact me anytime.




6 thoughts on “About The Keeper of Stories

    1. Dear Julie
      I found your postcards whilst searching for images of New Caledonia. I am preparing a book for publication which features a fictionalised account (based on real events) of a native of New Caledonia circa 1900. I’m hoping you will give us permission to reproduce some of the postcard images (no-97 Noumea, no-46 Tribe Kanak, no-42 Indigenous Women). We would of course credit/acknowledge you.

      I work for UTS ePRESS and we produce open access (free) digital scholarly works.

      Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.

      Thanks and kind regards
      Matthew Noble

  1. July, Great job sharing family history stories with your family I look forward to reading more of what you have done. I too love to write, feel, and share stories, hoping to help my children and grandchildren to get to know their ancestors. People are busy these days and sometimes the shorter story has a better chance of getting read. One of my projects is #AncestorClips, 90 second inspirational stories about ancestors. It is working well for me; perhaps it will work well for your family. Read the examples, follow the simple instructions, and help your family feel the lives and hearts of their ancestors. Keep up the great work. Ken Hardman

    1. Thankyou Kenneth. I checked out your blog as well and I see what you are talking about. You could well be right, and I can see that I will give this a go in the future. I love the way you have the “writing directions” at the top of your page. I attempted the Family History Writing Challenge this year but experienced massive computer difficulties and was unable to complete it. Good luck with your work – I hope to check back regularly to see how it is all going. Kind Regards – Julie

  2. Thanks for being the “keeper” of your family’s stories … in sharing, you just don’t know who you will help 🙂

  3. I think I am my family’s story keeper. I may add it to my CV!

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you have learned.

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