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Marriage of Christina Di Salvia to Henry Callan Schofield

Christina Di Salvia &  Schofield wedding

Isn’t the bride just beautiful, such a pretty face, shinning with happiness and full of hope and trust that life will be good to her new husband and herself.   Christina Lorna Di Salvia was just 21 years old when she married Henry Callan Schofield who was 25 year old.  Their bridal party consisted of (from l to r) Walter Di Salvia, Gwen Schofield, Henry (groom), Christina (bride), Joseph Di Salvia (father of the bride), Juanita Di Salvia, Stan Hunt, flower girls – names unknown.

Christina and Henry were married at the Parramatta Seventh Day Adventist Church, which is where my own family attended church for many years.  The church was a magnificent old building, built in a very dark brick with lots of windows letting in sunshine.  Sadly it is no longer standing.

This couple shared a long and happy life together raising two children, my cousins Raymond (b. 1937) and Beryl (b. 1942).  I remember that they had an orange farm at Windsor.  My mum and dad visited the farm rarely, but I have distinct memories of eating juicy oranges straight from the tree, and oddly – the old grandfather clock  which kept me awake at night!!  Silly that I can’t remember where the clock was within the house, only that it made a lot of noise.

Below is the wedding announcement that appeared in the church paper – The Australasian Record, on 26 Aug 1935, page 7.  The charming “old style” wording is definately from a time long past.  Referring to the couple as “contracting parties”, “reverence and charm” and “bower of beauty” hint at the gentle, loving and serious nature of the event.

Wedding Announcement

My Aunty Chris passed away at the age of 81 years and my Uncle Henry passed away at the age of 101 years and they are buried together in the Tweed Heads Lawn and General Cemetary.


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