Frances Genevieve Di Salvia and Basil Hilton Mobbs

Wedding Bells – Mobbs-Di Salvia

The above wedding notice appeared in the Australasian Record on July 14, 1930.

Basil (Bart) & Frances Mobbs nee: Di Salvia 1930

This gorgeous photo of the wedding party is 87 years old today!  The bridesmaid was her sister Chris and the groomsman was Henry Schofield.  Henry & Chris married  each other some years later in 1935.  On the far right is France’s father Joseph Di Salvia.  Frances looks pretty and very happy, as all newly married women should, and Basil is seated in the middle.  Below is a photo taken of Frances with her bridesmaid outside the family home, presumably in Celia Avenue, Granville.

Frances Di Salvia with sister and bridesmaid Christina Di Salvia

My Aunty Frances would sometimes come to visit us at Bogalara Road, not very often, but sometimes.  I had a “soft” memory of her, I thought she was really gentle.  She genuinely seemed to like visiting us, and I remember mum and dad enjoyed her company.  I remember Aunty Frances as a happy person; it seemed to me as a child that she laughed “sweetly”, and I liked her.


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