Family Photo – Asthore Campbell Pengilley

Asthore Campbell Pengilley

Asthore Campbell Pengilley was born in Quirindi which is not far from my own home town in 1907 to James Campbell Pengilley and wife Mary Jane Merrick.

I never met Asthore Campbell Pengilley who married my uncle Clarence Edward Bailey on Christmas Eve, 1934 in Parramatta, but what a magical time of year to be married!  Fancy waking up on Christmas morning as husband and wife.

Uncle Clarry and Aunt Asthore had two children – my cousins Brian Edward in 1935 and Raymond James in 1936. But Aunt Asthore’s life was destined to be short.  She became ill and passed away on 29 Dec 1944 and it must have been such a sad time for her boys.


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