Money Raisers Send Help to Kurds

Help Kurds

My mum, Madeleine Ines Di Salvia nee: Bailey, worked with other Dorcas volunteers to raise funds for Kurdish refugees in 1991, toward the end of the Gulf War.  The Dorcas volunteers worked for many hours to make these beautiful doll bassinettes  and then spent more hours standing on a stall in the main street of Parramatta selling them, as well as other hand made crafts.  They did so with happy and willing hearts.  Mum is the second lady from the right and always hated having her photo taken!

This article appeared in the church magazine, The Australasian Record, on 21 May 1991 featuring on page 8.  I am proud to think that my mum was community minded and committed to trying to help others who were less fortunate.  She worked as Dorcas Leader in both Tamworth and Parramatta for many years, and later in life when she felt she could no longer carry on in that role mum worked along side the new leader.


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