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Creating Memories

Each day of our lives

we make deposits in the

memory banks

of our children

Charles R. Swindoll

Author, Educator & Radio Preacher

The Preston Family abt. 1985 – Creating Memories by spending time together

I remember about 33 years ago my dad, Ronald Norman Di Salvia, came to stay with us for a couple of weeks, and some of the time he was with us I had to go to work.  One evening I arrived home late after a tough day with a cantankerous 15 month old son in tow.  All I wanted to do was sit quietly for a few minutes.  My son had other ideas though, and the upshot was that I yelled at him to keep quiet.

Dad came out to us and picked Lucas up from the kitchen floor. Tuning to me he said   “Just remember Julie, every minute of every day you are creating memories for this little fella.  How he remembers his life is actually up to you”. 

When I saw the above quote by Charles R. Swindoll it immediately took me back to standing in the kitchen of our old house with my son and my dad; if I really listen hard I’m sure I can still hear dad’s voice even though he passed away not long after this incident took place.

Preston Family – All Dressed Up! 2014

The words dad spoke all that time ago are still vivid in my mind and it made me think about the memories I had created for my children during their lifetimes. Have I added precious memories to their “memory banks” that built their confidence and moulded their character positively?  I do hope that each of my children can claim at least a few memories that will be uplifting, and will cloak them in happiness for just a short time during a dark, cold day. I realised that it is never to late to add precious memories to their bank account and sometime in the earliest hours of this morning I came to understand that adding to our children’s memory banks is a lifetime role.  For all of your breathing days you can add to your child’s perception of self worth, perhaps influence their point of view on an important issue, and teach them.  These things become memories!

Your Memories From Your Early Childhood Seem to Have Such Purchase On Your Emotions.  They Are So Concrete – Dana Spiotta 1966 –    Author

I am lucky enough to have some beautiful photo’s of my children which I just love to look over every now and then.  It reminded me that I have some lovely portraits of children, with or without their parents, in my family history collection.  I cannot imagine that these children were loved any less than I love my own children and thought that Mothers Day would be an excellent time to share just a couple of my favourite photo’s with you all. 

The One Thing I need to Leave Behind

Is Good Memories

Michael Landon (Eugene Maurice Orowitz) – 1936 – 1991

Actor, Director, Writer, Producer


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