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Granma’s Tapioca Cream

Here is another of Granma’s recipes; this time for Tapioca Cream.  Around our family dinner table it was known as Tapioca Pudding and mum would use the same recipe using either Tapioca or Sago – whichever was in the cupboard.  It didn’t matter to me though – I loved both tapioca and sago!

Granma’s Tapioca Cream Dessert


3 tbsp. Tapioca (note: tablespoon measurement was bigger. Equalled 1/2 cup)

Quart of 1/4 of milk  (nearly 4 cups= 946 mls)

3-4 eggs (I used 3 eggs)

1/2 cup sugar

Vanilla, Almond or Lemon essence (I prefer using finely grated lemon rind)


Soak tapioca 3 hours or overnight (in water).  Drain off water and cook tapioca till it is quite tender (in milk).  Beat yolks of eggs and add sugar, and then stir into tapioca.  Let it cook for a minute or two to set the eggs but on no account let it boil. Remove from fire (OMG Surprised smile) and add essence and stiffly beat egg white.  When cold place in glass dish.

Recipe Reiview

My husband Terry (a chef) and I trialled Granma’s recipe choosing to make the vanilla version, however we also made a modern day equivalent recipe using the lemon rind for flavouring.  When we compared both recipes we found the following:

  1. Granma’s recipe had a little more of the custard, which both my husband and I found more to our liking
  2. Granma’s recipe was slightly less sweet, whilst still providing plenty of sweetness for a dessert.  Terry and I found the more modern recipe to be sickly sweet.
  3. In terms of flavour Terry and I discovered that we preferred the Lemon Tapioca Pudding to the Vanilla flavoured version, however this is purely a preference of taste.  We both felt Granma’s version to be the superior for flavour and texture
  4. I cooled the tapioca slightly before adding the egg mixture so it wouldn’t curdle
  5. I found that I did not have to soak the tapioca – just cook on very lowest heat setting.  It took around 45 minutes
  6. Obviously where Granma says to remove from fire – I removed from stove!  This could be a good campfire recipe though.

Julies Stars Out Of 5 Rating

Granma’s Recipe                    StarStarStarStarStar

Modern Recipe                        StarStarStar


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