Our Easter Celebrations – 2017

Well, it has literally been months since posting to my blog – how did that happen!  So – to get back in to the swing of things I have chosen to start with a piece about my Easter celebrations. 

Our family is not a religious family and to us Easter has become much more about spending some fun time together.  It has almost become a tradition to sit around together in the sunshine, laughing whilst the children play in the backyard and enjoying the gorgeous weather of autumn.  It is such a joy to see the four generations – great-grandparents, grand-parents, parents, and grand-children – enjoying time together.  Typically, the weather will change in Tamworth any time from the end of April, becoming increasingly cold as our winter draws in, and Easter is our last chance to get together and enjoy the outdoors for a few months.

Just such a day happened yesterday – Easter Sunday 2017 – a day of perfect sunshine, warm temperatures, a few fluffy clouds in the sky and the hint of a breeze.  We had a lovely time together with lots of laughter and games with Cooper and Charlotte – my two eldest grandchildren – and of course – there was plenty of chocolate!

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As with any “Preston” get-together, one of our focuses was food, but this Easter I kept it very simple.  This gave everyone the best chance of having time to enjoy themselves.  The menu was as follows:

Nibbles – Just a bought dip and crackers (I love Coles supermarket)

Main – American Hamburgers with Potato Crisps (the recipe book said it was American, so I guess it was)

Dessert – Chocolate Cake with Cream (thanks Donna Hay)!

Our Easter Chocolate Cake

I put the burgers together in the kitchen and Cooper & Charlotte delivered them to the adults sitting at the table outside – and they did an excellent job.  As we were eating, our newest grand daughter Lexie (just 3 weeks old) made her presence known from her capsule, but went back to sleep again quite quickly, allowing her mum and dad to finish their lunch.

Lexie in her Easter Bunny Outfit

It was a lovely time together; a great opportunity create memories and gather more family photo’s which are just so important, I think.

Link to Donna Hay Easy Chocolate Cake  It was Sooooo.. Yummy!


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