Lola Gwen Allsopp – Part 3

Ted and Lola Preston with son Terry
Ted and Lola Preston with son Terry

Today (9/5/16) is Lola Gwen Preston nee: Allsopp’s 85th birthday and what better way to celebrate than to publish the last installment of the story of her life, so far.  The years between her marriage and when her son’s were nearly grown men were busy and filled with all the joy’s and sorrow’s of marriage and motherhood:

Whilst Wayne (Lola & Teds middle son) was still living at home I took on house cleaning and he would drop me off to the house before going to work, then either dad or Wayne would pick me up on their way home for lunch.  (Interview 5 Aug 2015)

In 1980 Lola listed the following things as her favourites:

Music – Rock and Roll especially Elvis Presley
Films – Gone with the Wind and Western Films
Actors –
John Wayne, John Weissmuler (Tarzan) and Jerry Lewis
TV Programs – Quincey, Kaz, Chips and Eddie Capra
Town – Toowoomba
Food – Chinese meals, sweets, cakes & pastries, lollies
Colour – Blue and Autumn Tones
Sundries – Colgate Toothpaste, Palmolive or Lux Soap and Carnation & Honeysuckle Talcum Powder From Avon

In 1981 Lola and Ted went down to visit family in Singleton for the weekend and enjoyed themselves immensely.  Whilst there she was given her Grandfathers (Michael Allsop) Bible by Leila Shade and Myra Crow (distant cousins) and they also gave her a photo of Michael Allsop which is printed on glass and is kept in a wooden box.  The photo is approximately 130 or so years old (2015).

Lola & Ted Preston with Grandsons Lucas and Brett
Lola & Ted Preston with Grandsons Lucas and Brett

Lola  often says that in 1990 when taking a trip to visit family in New Zealand, she was extremely nervous whilst waiting in the airport at Sydney, and this continued as she boarded the plane. Lola had never flown before.  Mum was seated next to aisle with Ted beside her and her brother Gordon by the window.  Ted and Gordon spent a good proportion of the flight trying to encourage mum to look out the window, but she flatly refused.  Mum found the return trip much easier.

Lola and Ted visit their son Michael most years in about the September, but apart from these trips they didn’t venture very far except for a few day trips with Senior Citizens and Mick (Lola’s Brother) around the Tamworth area.  The trips with Mick (Francis) were between 2004 – 2007.

On September 9, 2015 Lola and Ted went on a Day Trip with Oxley Community Transport with took them to the Lookout at Tamworth where they got out and had a really good look around.  They hadn’t been to the Lookout in over 20 years and noticed a lot of improvements to the area.  They could not believe how the city had grown.  From the Lookout they boarded the bus and went out to The Pub on Gunnedah Road for Lunch.  They really enjoyed the Pub as it was the first time they had been there and they found the food very nice.  The menu was provided before the trip so that you could choose what you would like and The Pub had it ready for them.  Lola and Ted both had the Roast Chicken and Vegetables.  For dessert Lola had Passionfruit Cheesecake and Ice cream and Dad had Sticky Date Pudding with Custard.  They both enjoyed a drink and then the bus returned them to their home.  They were glad to see that they knew a few people on the trip and both of them enjoyed the trip immensely.

On September 15, 2015 Lola and Ted decided to go on a Senior Citizens Mystery Trip, boarding the bus at the Community Centre in Darling Street about 8.00 am so they could get a good seat.  The bus driver announced that they would be going to Muswellbrook.  They arrived at Scone at about 11.00 am  and had morning tea in the park.  Then they continued on to Muswellbrook noting how beautiful and green the countryside was.  There was also a lot of water – dams were full, creeks were full and flowing.  The bus stopped at the Cheese Factory at 75 Aberdeen Street, Muswellbrook where they had a presentation and were given a cheese tasting. Dad didn’t really care for the cheese but mum thought two of them were lovely.  From there they went to the RSL Club for lunch where Ted enjoyed a meal of Roast Beef and Vegies and Lola had Fish and Chips.  They each had Apple Pie and Custard for sweets.  The bus driver announced the departure time as 2.30 and returned them home to Tamworth safely.  Lola and Ted enjoyed the trip immensely, although they were very tired by the end of it.

Lola Preston nee Allsopp with family 25 Dec 2015
Lola Preston nee Allsopp with family 25 Dec 2015

Back Row: Brett Marcus Preston, Courtney Amber Stein, Julie Preston nee Di Salvia, Terry Preston, Lucas Brent Preston, Alisha Jane Preston nee: Stubbs  Front Row: Ted and Lola Preston with great grandchildren. 

Lola and Ted both enjoy a weekly trip to South Tamworth Bowling Club on Thursday night where they sit with friends, have a drink and something to eat (Lola loves a glass of “red”), and try their luck at the raffles.  Lola has always been fiercly protective of her children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren alike, and adores any time she can spend with them.



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