Lola Gwen Allsopp – Part 2

Lola Preston in Treloars Marching Band Uniform
Lola Preston in Treloars Marching Band Uniform

For Mothers Day 2016 we continue the story of the life of my husband’s mum:

After finishing Tech I started work at a mixed business called Money Savers.  The shop sold groceries, men’s wear, home linens etc., and it was situated on the corner of Peel and Bourke Streets in Tamworth.  I was put off from Money Savers just before my 21st birthday.

I was only out of work for a few weeks when I got a job at Penny’s Clothing Store.  They also sold lollies, drinks, men’s, ladies, and children’s wear.  I was Department Head for the babies wear section.  I was only at Penny’s a few days when I was rushed to hospital by ambulance from work with appendicitis and was off work for about a month and I really believed that I would loose my job, but the boss Mr Hargraves kept the job open for me.  Whilst I was working there I joined the Treloar Girls Marching Team and we did very well at a number of competitions in Tamworth, Goulbourn, Singleton and Maitland.  We won 2nd place and received a medal.


When I turned 21 Mum and Dad threw a great birthday party for me at their home – Kerribrae – in Attunga.  The party was held on the veranda which ran around 3 sides of the house.  There was lots of food and I think that most people brought a plate and as always with Allsopp get togethers there was plenty of grog.  A friend (the bus driver) Ray Flexman and another chap played the music for the party.  He played the saxophone and flute and the other fellow played drums.  There was dancing and singing with lots of family and friends.  Mum and dad gave me a lovely soft pink tea set.

I left Penny’s Store in November 1955 and went to Sydney with Mrs Kirk to buy the material for my wedding gown and veil and make not only the bridal gown, but also the bridesmaids dresses.  I had never been to Sydney and could not believe how tall the buildings were.  Mrs  Kirk’s daughter Barbara went cross on me and told me not to look up at all the buildings.  It was the first time I had ever seen and escalator and I was scared stiff to get on it.  The bridesmaids (Peggy Roach and Mavis Jones) bought their own material which was the same but in different colours.  The colours were mauve and green so that I could have the girls carry my favourite flower – yellow daffodils.  I made my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses cutting them all out on the lounge room floor of our home at Currububula.  Peggy Roach’s mother, Bertha Roach, made our wedding cake which was 2 tiered and had a small silver vase sitting on the top, which has tiny flowers in it.

Our friends gave us a lovely kitchen tea, mostly thanks to Mrs Bertha Roach and there was dancing as well.  We got lots of lovely gifts as the do was quite large.  On the day that Ted and I got married we dared to have lunch together in a café in Peel Street, Tamworth and it caused an uproar with family, as you weren’t supposed to see each other until arriving at the church.

Lola Preston nee: Allsopp 11 Aug 1956
Lola Preston nee: Allsopp 11 Aug 1956

After our honeymoon we came back to live at Currabubula and work for Mr Kirk on Willowvale.  We stayed there for 8 1/2 years and our first and second boys – Terry and Wayne – were born whilst living there.  After buying our house in Churchill street in Tamworth we had another son – Michael.  My mum and dad Cyrus and Florence Allsopp lived with us for a number of years.  Around this time I starting sewing from home making quite a few school uniforms for customers.  They would buy there own material and pattern and I would charge a set amount according to what was required in the making of the garment.  The child would come for a fitting during the making and most of the uniforms were for girls.  I did make a ball gown for Coral Moss and she actually won Bell of the Ball.  I also used to make shirts for our three boys.



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