Ada Amelia Eliza Huff

Ada Amelia Eliza Huff
Ada Amelia Eliza Huff

What an absolutely gorgeous young woman!  Ada Amelia Eliza Huff was born in Melbourne, Victoria but moved to the Singleton area around the aged of 3 years.  You will note that the skirt that Ada is wearing shows that it has been mended.  I do not know the circumstances of the family but the mended skirt could imply that Ada’s family, whilst not destitute, were certainly not wealthy.

Ada met and married Michael Allsop, who was the son of convict Rowland Allsop at West Brook near Singleton, New South Wales on 1 Oct 1872.  There was no church at West Brook at the time so the marriage was most likely held at a private residence.

Ada and Michael had a small farm at Mitchells Flat and grew tobacco, potatoes, grapes and corn.  They would give the grandchildren a penny for every hundred grubs they caught on the tobacco plants as there was no insecticide back then.  The family tell stories of Ada sneaking away every now and again to smoke a clay pipe!

Ada and Michael had 12 children together:

  1. Sarah Jane b. 11 Apr 1874
  2. Arthur George b. 9 Nov 1875
  3. Lucy Elizabeth b. 19 Apr 1878
  4. Ada Ellen b. 23 Apr 1880
  5. Mary Louisa b. 24 Oct 1882
  6. Rowland Michael b. 14 Sept 1883
  7. Rhoda Margaret b. 11 Oct 1886
  8. Mabel Alice b. 29 May 1889
  9. Ethel b. 3 Nov 1891
  10. Amelia May b. 3 Nov 1891
  11. Sophia Eliza b. 10 Oct 1893
  12. Cyrus Clarence b. 17 Dec 1896
Ada and Michael Allsop - date unknown
Ada and Michael Allsop – date unknown

As you can imagine, having such a large family and helping on the farm kept Ada very busy!

Ada Allsop - 25 Dec 1933 just a month before her death
Ada Allsop – 25 Dec 1933 just a month before her death

Sadly little else is known of Ada.  She passed away  on 21 Jan 1934 in Singleton, New South Wales.


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