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The Family History Writing Challenge – It’s Nearly Here!


Anyone care to join me in the Family History Writing Challenge??  I do hope so.  There is so much you can do with the things you will learn by joining in the challenge.  For example – you can write a collection of short stories, a memoir, or perhaps create the blue print for an epic novel – the sky really is the limit – but really, your goals don’t have to be so lofty.  But most importantly – you can make a start on learning to preserve your own family stories!!

Keeping in mind that I don’t have a novel in me (nor do I profess to be clever enough to write one), I have decided to use the month of February to document what I want to tell my children about my own life experiences.   I spend 100’s of hours every year scraping out every titbit of information I can on ancestors long gone, but what do I want my children and grandchildren to know about me? 

I have stories about growing up, being a rebel teenager, the joys of flatting and backpacker travel, meeting their father and experiences of motherhood that I’d love to share with them.  Have you ever stopped to explain to your children how you met their father/mother?  Do you have their favourite family recipes jotted down or typed up – or even cut out and pasted into a recipe Journal?  Did you ever try to put your emotions on paper in the form of poetry or letters?

Well this years I am going to pull all those topics together.  I want to produce a booklet which will contain memories of my childhood, special holidays we spent together as a family and copies of their favourite recipes.  I am looking forward to hand picking photographs from the thousands that we have collected through the years to illustrate as many of the memories as possible.  I will also be including some of the poetry I have written over the years, and I intend to write letters to each of them about topics that are of the greatest importance to me.  I have no plans for this booklet to be published, knowing full well that the only people to see it will be my two sons.  The Family History Writing Challenge is geared toward folks that want to publish their stories – but who says you have to take it that far? Use the challenge to your benefit; make it fulfil your needs.

writing if i can think it chant

This all sounds very grand, doesn’t it? I didn’t say that my children will be unable to put down the booklet due to the incredibly exciting way in which I have written it; I didn’t say that my poetry was good, or even anywhere near good.  None of those things matter really.  What I intend to do is write this memoir in just the same manner that I talk to them now, so that every time they read something they will instantly be taken back to the moment the memory was created, whether the memory is mine, or theirs.  When I am long gone from this earth I am hoping that, should they read what I have written, they will be able to say “You know, I can still hear her saying that!”

Come on, take the Challenge with me – there’s still a few days left to register (click here to register), and don’t forget – it’s free.  All you have to do is set a little time aside each day to type.  EASY!! 


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