Happy 2016 To Everyone

Whew!! What a celebration of love and family it has been, and I for one have enjoyed every exhilarating and tiring nanosecond of it.  This isn’t a blog post about New Years Resolutions though as I’ve decided not to put myself under that stress this year.  For me 2016 will be the year of trying to be a kinder person which of course will lead me to being kinder to every one that crosses the path of my life. That’s the theory anyway.

Family Celebrations
Family Celebrations

The Keeper of Stories will be taking a short break during the month of January as my hubby and I are planning on spending some fun time together.  I will, of course and naturally, be working on posts for the blog during this time and just want to let you know that there are many exciting posts scheduled this year.  These posts will include 2 interviews with living family members, a number of stories relating to the War Heroes of our family, a 2 part series on a family Missionary to the Solomon Islands, more gorgeous postcards from my Grandads collections, and many other exciting titbits!

My wish for you all is that 2016 will be a supremely happy and safe year for not only you, but your adored family as well.

Stay tuned – and we’ll talk again real soon



Habitat for Humanity: Family Celebration Picture, http://habitatsaskatoon.ca/habitat-for-humanity-family-celebration-bbq/


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