Lets talk Christmas – Your Last Chance Day – Hang In There!

Thursday 24 December 2015 – Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from Australia
Merry Christmas from Australia

No pressure, but today is the very last day for you to finalise everything – but we’re so organised we can do it standing on our heads!!  All we really need to do today are very basic and routine jobs so – here’s the list I’ll be sticking with:

  1. Cooking  OK, so my plan all along was to cook the meat on the bbq and thankfully my Hubby has a good supply of gas already organised.  I’m going to start with the Ham (recipe here) as this piece will take the longest to cook, plus it really needs to be in the bbq on it’s own, due to it’s physical size.  I can then put the pork, turkey and lamb in different pans on the bbq all at once when the ham is done.  REMEMBER – you must keep checking the meat both to baste, but also to check that it isn’t burning.  You may also have to do some prep on the salads this evening.  I will be cooking the potato salad and the stuffing loaf tonight as this will save me time in the morning, but also allow those lovely flavours to go through the dishes.

Santa and Turkey2.   Cleaning  Really – it’s just the basics today – lets face it, most of it is already done!  First off lets vacuum.  That will pick up any dirt, grass or tiny stones and prickles that have been dragged in from the yard over the last day or two.  Then do a dust.  You shouldn’t have to go overboard here – just a quick wipe with a microfibre dusting cloth.  Check the bathroom.  Put out fresh towels, hand towel/s and washers (for sticky little fingers and faces).  Quickly wipe over the sink, bath and window sill.  Check the front door and entry hall.  Wipe over the front door nobs and glass so they are spotless and put away all odd pairs of shoes that are lurking in the hallway. Look for drip marks on the kitchen cupboard doors and wipe away.  You may need to do a last minute tidy of the fridgeCheck that your stove top is clean and that there are fresh Christmas tea towels put out. Lastly, wash over the floors with really hot water and mentholated spirits.  ALL DONE!


There you have it everyone, thanks for joining me for my Preston Christmas countdown and I do hope that it has helped you in some small way.  I wish each and every one of you the happiest of Christmases and may it be filled with joyous love and laughter.  I have deliberately shied away from any religious implications for the season, but for all my religious family and friends, may the presence of the Lord be at your table and his love fill your hearts..

Merry Christmas to Everyone


Christmas - Aussie Style The



    1. Ah! The joys of having quite a large family I’m afraid Luanne. A daughter-in-law who doesn’t eat pork in any fashion or turkey, a father-in-law who will only eat ham (because it’s Christmas), a son who will only eat Turkey, and I don’t like Roast Pork or Lamb, but I love baked Ham and Turkey! Families are so complicated at Christmas. Happy Christmas Luanne and thanks for the contact through the year. Cheers, Julie

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