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Lets Talk Christmas – Last Minute Grocery Dash

Wednesday 23 December 2015

 Well, I’m just so excited!! Some of my family start to arrive today and I want to be ready and waiting with coffee and cake from the moment they get here.

Yummy Fresh Vegetables
Yummy Fresh Vegetables

So – that means that I need to rush off to the store EARLY to grab the last minute fruit and vegetables that are needed over the next few days.

Scrumptious Fresh Fruit
Scrumptious Fresh Fruit

 Take a few minutes to look carefully look through the fridge to establish exactly what is needed, as this will be one totally focused approached to shopping!  By 8.00 or 8.30  am the car parking will be at a premium at any large shopping outlet today; you may just have to be prepared to walk a distance to your vehicle.  So, knowing exactly what you need and not stopping to consider anything else (the old impulse buying monster) will actually save you the discomfort of dragging unnecessary baggage back to your car.  Consider the following:

  • Do you need fresh produce – salad vegies, fresh fruit for fruit salad
  • Are you purchasing seafood – Can you possibly pick it up today
  • Think of the basics – will you have enough bread, eggs and milk to last during the time that your guests will be with you
  • Do your animals have everything they need – extra treats of course!! after all it is Christmas – even for them!
Family Visiting at Christmas
Family Visiting at Christmas

The trick is to stay focused. Plan the trip in your mind.  See yourself visiting the 2 or 3 aisles that you need produce from – and then visualise yourself walking out of the store!  If you follow these very simple steps you should be in and out of the shops, and at home enjoying your day with family, in no time at all.

PS – it’ worth doing a quick tidy through the house – you know, just putting “stuff” away will keep the home clean and fresh as a daisy! 

talk with you again tomorrow



Fresh Vegetables Picture:

Fresh Fruit Picture:


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