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Lets Talk Christmas – Take a Load Off

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Well folks, I reckon after the hard physical work done in last couple of days that we should take it easier today.  For me, there are just two or three things that are important to finish today and they are:

  • Take any meat down from the freezer that you will need on Christmas day and sit it on the bottom shelf of your fridge to defrost.  By sitting the frozen meat in the bottom of the fridge you are giving the meat the best chance to thaw at the correct temperature.  I will be taking the pork, lamb and turkey out to defrost to join the ham which is just sitting in the fridge begging to be baked.  My plan is to cook all the meat on the b-b-q on Christmas eve – Thursday.


  • Do that basket of ironing that has been plaguing me for the last few days.  I like to have an empty ironing basket as often as possible, but it seems to have accumulated over the last couple of busy days.  The added bonus of completing the ironing of course is, no matter what situation crops up at the spur of the moment our clothes will be ready and waiting for us. Dinner out – no problem! join you for a picnic – love to! or just come round for drinks  – be there soon!  No need to put that ironing board up and panic about getting places on time.


  • Make the rum balls.  My son Brett just loves these “easy as” rum balls that I make.  Just buy a christmas cake and break it up into crumbs, pour in just enough rum to combine the crumbs.  Form a teaspoon full of the cake mixture into a ball, and repeat about 30 times!!  Melt some chocolate and dip the top of the rum ball into it, then dip chocolate covered rum ball into chocolate sprinkles – done – and very yummy!

rum ball


That’s it until tomorrow folks

We’ll talk Christmas again real soon



Fridge picture:


Rum Ball:


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