Lets Talk Christmas – Wipe Out !!

Sunday 20/12/20015

OK – so today is all about getting “down and dirty”.  Roll those sleeves up, crank up the housecleaning music and lets Wipe Out The House!!

Now wouldn't that be great!!
Now wouldn’t that be great!!

For most of us, Sunday (today) is the last chance we will have to really clean the house before our family and friends pour through the door on Christmas day.  There will be time through the week for a quick tidy up, but that will be about all we can fit in between rushing off to work, cooking dinner for a hungry hoard and falling, semi-conscious, into bed at the end of it all.

So what are the things that need to be done to have the home spick and span?  Well, I’ll tell you what I focus on, and you can decided whether you wish to add to the list as time permits.  My essential cleaning tasks will include:

KitchenCupboard Doors – a quick wipe over with a cloth dampened in hot water and vanilla extract.  The aroma of vanilla will leave your kitchen smelling homely and loved.  Refrigerator – Just a quick tidy up here.  Check all food is covered and stacked to make the most of available space on Christmas day.  Throw out any food/jars that are out of date.  Dishwasher – your dishwasher will take a caning on Christmas day so wipe over the door with the vanilla dampened cloth, clean the filter and put a dishwasher cleaner cycle through.  Tiles – clean down with your preferred cleaner – especially around the stove and sink.  Floor – I have large tiles on the floor in the kitchen and hallway and find that very hot water with a good dash of mentholated spirits will bring anything off them.

BathroomThere’s no way around it – sorry, but the bathroom will need a top to toe clean.  Don’t forget to clean the mirror!  This will be the 2nd most busy room in the house, so be very particular.  Wash the floor

Lounge RoomCarpet – Vacuum, vacuum & vacuum.  Actually, while you’re at it – vacuum under the lounge cushions.  You just never know when someone will try to retrieve a lost coin or wallet! Whilst you have the vacuum out, change the head and do the curtain tops. Polish – because I want a quick job here, I just use a spray on furniture polish.  It’s much easier to use and takes half the effort of and oil based polish. Tree Tidy – Our Christmas tree is in the lounge room, as I guess most trees are, but it’s a good idea to fully arrange the gifts under the tree and replace any baubles that may have fallen off.  Don’t forget the Window Sills.

Bed Rooms – just a general tidy here – vacuum and polish.  Put shoes away, pick up clothes items, perfume bottles and jewellery and put away in their proper place.  I don’t think I’d go as far as changing the linen, but do so if you must.

Hallwayif you have the opportunity to put fresh flowers near the front door – then do so.  The effect of beautiful blooms on guests as they walk into your home is second to none.  Just the sight of fresh flowers lifts the spirits of the grumpiest person!  Don’t forget to vacuum, dust, look up – are there small cobwebs?  You should also do a quick wipe over of all artwork, photographs and tables in the area, then wash the floor.

Laundry – my laundry is a busy place on any get together that our family has, as the drinks fridge lives in there.  So, wipe over all appliances, clean the sink, wash the floor, look up for those pesky cobwebs, and dust the window sill.  Make sure that most, if not all, the washing and ironing is done, then pack away all clean clothes.

There you have it – a good couple of hours worth of work that will set you up for a much easier Christmas Eve.  Good luck, everyone.  Now, where was that dusting cloth?……………………..


Picture:   Someecards


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