Lets Talk Christmas – Countdown – Wrapping It Up

Saturday 19 December, 2015

Today absolutely everything that needs wrapping or putting in a Christmas bag needs to be attended too.  Don’t you Just love seeing prettily wrapped presents piled under the Christmas tree?

Christmas Saturday

So …. here are the steps to follow so no mistakes are made and everyone has a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree:

  1. Start by getting your head in the right wrapping space.  For me, the only way to wrap Christmas presents cheerfully is to have Christmas music playing as I wrestle with the paper and cellotape.  I sing along to  the Smokie album – Light a Candle (1996) which is my favourite, but also to Christmas with Boney M (2007), Kenny Rogers Christmas Greetings (2000) and Michael Buble Christmas (2011).  I can’t help myself.  I have to sing the words or hum the tune as I wrap the family’s presents; I just seem to “fill up” with festive good will.
  2. Choose Christmas paper that suits the size of the gift.  By my way of thinking the paper should be plainer or have a small design if the gift is smaller, and loudly coloured or larger print papers for larger gifts.  It makes sense, doesn’t it? I love to carefully mitre the corners when wrapping gifts to give them the neatest possible finish.  And I must admit that some of the family think I’m a little anal about securing the gift with cellotape!
  3. Embellish your wrapped gift.   Adding  a bow, flower, ribbon or even string to a gift will scream to the receiver of the gift that it was wrapped with love and thoughtfulness.  It really takes no time at all to add a simple touch that will convey so much to others.  If there is a  child or husband in the house at the time you are wrapping, they will often help with bow tying without grumbling.  Don’t you just love the Christmas Spirit!!
  4. Do the final gift check.  Go through every gift against your gift shopping list to ensure that no-one has been missed.  Can you imaging the uncomfortable situation as you acknowledge that you simply forgot some-one?
  5. Lovingly place all gifts under the tree.  Revel in the certain knowledge that you have spent time on considered gifts for each of your loved ones.

Christmas Saturday 2

Well, another day bites the dust.  Not many sleeps now, but you must all be feeling less stressed as you complete the major tasks of the festive season one by one. 

Cheers and talk again soon



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