Lets Talk Christmas – Countdown – Last Minute Christmas Plan

Well folks, we’re almost there.  We have just one week to pull everything together so that our Christmas day can be as relaxed and happy as is humanly possible.  Each day of the next week I will be focusing on 7 key elements of preparing for Christmas with topics including Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning and Preparation of Food. 

If you haven’t been organising your Christmas by now, this plan should see you through the madness, but if you’ve been working toward the festivities all month my plan should ensure that everything goes off without a hitch!  So……… for today:

Friday 18 Dec 2015

Picture courtesy of midlifecrisishawaai.com
Picture courtesy of midlifecrisishaaai.com

I don’t know anything about where you live, but here in Tamworth, New South Wales, you can hardly move sideways for festive shoppers standing wall to wall in the streets, shops and malls – and it’s only going to get worse. Today is the day that you should “bite the bullet” and tackle all last minute present shopping. 

Sit down right now and work out if you have done the following:

  1. Written a “pressy” list.  If you have – go over the list one last time.  Does it include everyone that you want to buy a Christmas gift for?  Do you need to purchase the obligatory tin of biscuits or box of chocolates for last minute emergencies, should unexpected guests arrive during the day or evening?  Do you just need something extra for someone on your list?  If you haven’t written your list yet, this step will make your shopping experience infinitely easier.  Think about what you want for each person and jot the idea down beside their name.
  2. Plan your attack for last minute shopping.   Everyone, be prepared by visualising which shops you need to visit and in what order your visits should take place.  You will waste time if you walk half the main street only to find that you forgot something in the first shop you visited.  It is most likely that you will need to walk some distance from where you were able to secure a car park to the shops, so ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes – whatever you do!  No-one wants to be crippled by “cool looking strappy sandals” for 2 days after their shopping expedition.
  3. Stay focused so that the last minute shopping trip takes as little time from your day as possible.  I am not suggesting for a minute that you “brush off” old Aunt Gert if you should run into her in the mall, but when she suggests a cup of coffee and a catch-up you could politely say that you are on a timeline today however you would love to catch up in the New Year.  The trick is to remember to call old Aunt Gert on Jan 2nd and organise the meeting – so put the task into your iPhone calendar, or write it down in your diary.
  4. Don’t forget the ‘sundries” – the wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon and cellotape.  The last thing you need at this point is the stress of having to dash back to crammed shops and non-existent parking spaces.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief – it’s done!!  You will most likely have to visit the grocer closer to the day, but for now you can let the rush pass you by.  Take a deep breath, pour a nice glass of something, and breath in the relief of knowing your present shopping is over!

Quote courtesy of www.postconsumers.com
Quote courtesy of http://www.postconsumers.com

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Christmas Shopping:  Midlife Crisis Hawaai

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