Lets Talk Christmas – Take a Deep Breath and Make Another List

Well people, here we go.  Can you believe that Christmas is just 12 short sleeps away?  It’s enough to put a person into a  “flat spin” – so I’m here to tell you to BREATHE DEEPLY.

Six White Boomers
Six White Boomers

It’ around this time of year that I try to sit down with a cup of coffee (some years it’s with something a little stronger!) and try to take a hard look at where my plans for “the big day” are up to; what have I finished and how many things have yet to be ticked off my work lists?  If you’re anything like me there are still a number of things that need to be purchased, wrapped, cleaned or put away and it’s hard to put a finger on just where to start.  So – it’s back to making lists I go and this time it’s a “Leave It Till Later List”.

Writing Lists !
Writing Lists !

I find that by this stage of my Christmas preparation I need to think hard about what jobs are essential and which ones could conceivably be left until after the festive rush.  Ahhh – the joys of prioritising!!  For instance – I just love to oil my wooden venetian blinds which hang in our sunny eat-in kitchen.  The smell of freshly oiled blinds on Christmas morning, for me, is an ingrained part of my Christmas joy.  But would my guests notice the blinds at all?  Of course, this is a task that is essential to complete once a year, but should I spend hours on quietly cleaning and oiling wooden slats, or spend some time clean out and organise my refrigerator – which will be opened by all and sundry on Christmas Day?  Hands down – it’s got to be the refrigerator.

There are many small chores that could be put off for a later date that will not impact on the Christmas experience of your treasured and loved family and friends.  Those things could include washing down cupboard tops, cleaning air conditioning vents, washing windows and cleaning fly screens.  These could all be put off until the new year to allow you to complete the essentials of preparing for Christmas day.  The trick is not to beat yourself up about the things that you just cannot fit into your day.  It is not worth becoming so stressed about what isn’t done around your home that you become unable to enjoy preparing for this wonderful occasion.

What To Do First!?!
What To Do First!?!

And lets face it – if you find you have a little extra time before “the big day”, you can always add in one or two of the jobs you added to your “Leave It Till Later List”.

Happy Christmas Preparation Everyone – and don’t let the festive bugs get you down!!


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