Lets Talk Christmas – It’s Time to Decorate!

Is there a proper way to put up your Christmas Decorations?  Well – the truth is – this is where it’s all up to you!!  There is no right or wrong way for your family to decorate your home, yard or Christmas table with “all things Christmas” – whatever you decide on will be just right.

I am going to share with you a few ideas that I use at Christmas time, but because decorating comes down to personal taste my ideas may not appeal to some of you.  As we have already discussed, our family likes to have a theme for our Christmas day;  this year it was decided that the theme will be “Blue”.

The Table 

I had nothing for our Christmas dinner table that was coloured blue, as for many years I have been using the more traditional colours of green, red and gold, so I felt that a shopping trip was in order. 

Blue and Silver Baubles
Blue and Silver Baubles

Some weeks ago I put numerous table decorations on lay-by and and have been paying them off.  They include a gorgeous miniature silver Christmas tree centrepiece which is decorated with varying shades of blue baubles, some magnificent blue and white roses tipped with glitter, long, slender strings of blue and silver beads and two stunning blue and silver candles.  Oh! I can’t wait to see it all set up.  My tablecloths are white with a silver thread through them and they will be the perfect partner to my “good quality” white plastic plates, plastic silver cutlery, silver and white paper napkins and striking sea blue, plastic wine glasses.   I can hear the groans as you read this as the old paper plate versus crockery plate argument comes to the fore, but I would much rather use paper and plastic than spend hours in the kitchen on my Christmas Day.  I don’t know about you, but even if you have a huge dishwasher, which I don’t, there is still a lot of work to do if you go with your best crockery and cutlery, some of which cannot be put through a dishwasher!

Blue Dinner Table Idea - Not exactly what I'm looking for though!
Blue Dinner Table Idea – Not exactly what I’m looking for though!

The House

Our house decorating starts on 1 December every years and the decorations stay in place until 1 Jan of the new year!  My husband brings the boxes that contain our decorations in from the garden shed in the last week of November and we carefully go through the contents to check for damage or breakages.  We also check the Christmas tree lights to make sure they are working perfectly.  I haven’t gone as far as to change the colour of the tree decorations to blue as that could be taking “our theme” a little too far; make it a little too expensive!

We absolutely go nuts when putting up the interior decoration.  Our tree is put into the living room area and on Christmas Eve the presents will go under the tree.  It is decorated with all the decorations that a family gathers over a lifetime; I still have the treasured decorations that were made by our  30 something year old sons when they were at school!  We also decorate the dinning room area with tinsel and hang any Christmas cards that come through the mail on the blinds there.  All three front window of the house light up with a Santa, sleigh and reindeer.

I also hang a Christmas wreath on the front door as well as in the kitchen!  Of course, you cannot possibly do all this decorating without playing some Christmas music.  Classic – Modern – Alternative – who cares!  I let the sounds of Christmas bells, carols on the piano, choirs or soloists fill me with the Christmas spirit as I hang each bauble or piece of tinsel!

Aussie Wreath on the Door
Aussie Wreath on the Door

The Yard

Oh brother – what to do in the yard!!  A few years ago we had a super cell storm go through our area and it destroyed most of our outdoor Christmas lights.  Although we still have a number of decorations that survived the hail, we have not replaced the majority of what we lost.  Our family chooses to get together at the beginning of December, on the pretext of having a b-b-q, and we put up the outside lights.  When we finish with one home, we go to the next home, and then the next.  Within the day we have whatever outdoor decorations that family decides on, up and sparkling in the hot summer darkness!  What fun to have your little grandchildren handing you a hammer, or climbing up a ladder behind you (safely of course!) and seeing their smiling faces when they watch the twinkling icicle lights!  I know it seems to be a really time consuming job, but it is truly worth it when you watch as car loads of faces filled with joy and excitement pass your house each night.

Well, there you have it – the Preston Christmas Decorating Traditions!  Despite all the work involved – I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Christmas Lights in the Darkness
Christmas Lights in the Darkness


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