Lets Talk Christmas – Sending Christmas Cards. Why? Well I have the Answer!!

Glitter and Sparkle - and sent with love
Glitter and Sparkle – and sent with love

Now, I know that the mailing out of multiple Christmas cards is fast becoming a tradition of the past – but I just can’t help myself!!  I take great joy in touching base with my nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, friends from years gone by and the odd workmate, at least once in a year.  I like them to know that firstly, I am thinking of them and wish them every happiness, but secondly that they are extremely important to me and my life is far better for knowing them and having them in it.

I take a huge amount of joy in shopping for my Christmas cards and will often walk the street to check out what is available before making my decision.  I love Christmas glitter and sparkle so the cards I choose will often have these elements on the front.  I always try to write a message inside the card, not just pen in the obligatory Dear …. love from ….. bit.  This years I found a quote that fits my purpose exactly at Images For Christmas Quotes and it goes like this: “May Your Christmas And Every Day Ahead Sparkle With Happiness And New Surprises”. 

As you know from my post Lets Talk Christmas – It’s All In The List  I have already completed my Family News Letter which I send to my close family.  I know, this is actually not an easy task, and some would rather have teeth extracted than write one, but I know that my family enjoy catching up with what we have done throughout the year.  Now my family is very “normal”: there isn’t a lot to really boast about.  But we do enjoy our hobbies, we welcome new family members – young and old, occasionally we feel quietly proud of ticking something off our bucket list and we are always enormously proud of our children – so why is it that people say they can’t think of anything to write about?  I include information like the highlights of my grandchildren’s school year, my sons and daughter-in-laws sporting and personal achievements, my husbands lawn bowls wins and information about my vegie patch and recipe successes. I usually have to “cull” information because the news letter is too long – as I do like to include a family photo as well!

So – in the next week (sometime in that first week of December) I will be running off to the local post office to post my Christmas cards: sending them on their way with all the festive cheer and good wishes that I can muster.  Some of my family and friends still send Christmas cards as well and I have a special place in our home where these are hung so that anyone that visits our place over the festive season can look over these beautiful cards.  What a joy! 

I sometimes receive a Christmas News Letter from some of them too, and that is an absolute thrill for me – a Christmas gift of the very best kind! Why don’t we all aim to give the gift of love and remembrance at Christmas time by sending a quick card to our nearest and dearest?


Christmas Glitter and Sparkle:  http://acards.hol.es/christmas-greeting-cards/



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