Miss Paul’s Tomato Sauce

Well, it’s that time of year when you can’t pick ripening tomatoes quickly enough, before pulling out the plants!  I have so many tomatoes in my fridge crisper that I simply HAVE to look for ways in which to use them – besides the obvious inclusion in salads. 

I have no idea who Miss Paul was or what relationship she had with my grandmother, Ines Maude Bailey, but this recipe is in my grandmothers cookbook, so I have“road tested” it.  I quartered the recipe and noted the quantities that I used in red in a trial to ascertain if this is a Tomato Sauce that my family would like.  I believe that over the years the human palate must have changed or our expectation of flavours is higher, because sometimes I find that Granma’s recipes lack the intense flavour that we now expect in the foods we consume.

Miss Paul's Tomato Sauce
Miss Paul’s Tomato Sauce



20 lbs Tomatoes (9 Kilos)                                        2.3 Kilo’s                        

2 quarts Vinegar (1.9 Litres)                                   475 ml (I used 500 ml)                                

1/2 lb Salt (230 grams)                                              60 grams

1 1/2 lb Sugar (680 grams)                                        170 grams

2 oz Garlic (60 grams)                                              1 tblsp

2 oz Whole Ginger (60 grams)                                1 tblsp

1 1/4 oz Cloves (35 grams)                                       2 tsp

1 1/2 oz Whole Spice (43 grams)                              2 1/2 tsp

1 oz Whole Pepper (30 grams)                                2 tblsp

1/2 oz Cayenne Pepper (15 grams)                          1 tblsp


Method  (I have noted my own additions to the method in red)

Peel Tomatoes and place in saucepan, add vinegar, salt, sugar, whole pepper corns and cayenne pepper.  Tie garlic, ginger, whole spice and cloves in a muslin bag and lower into tomato mixture.  Boil altogether for 4 hours, strain through metal sieve bruising well with wooden spoon.  I decided to put the mixture through a mouli.  Bottle whilst hot.  This is one of the best recipes known for tomato sauce.  It will keep for years and improves with keeping! (Granma must have loved it)! Bottle in sterilised jars whilst hot and allow to cool before storing in cool, dark cupboard.

Conclusions  OK, so I found Granma’s recipe way too sweet, and not to my personal liking.  Perhaps Granma had a sweet tooth. However, with so many tomatoes this season I searched for a tomato sauce recipe that would suite the family and eventually found a recipe for tomato sauce which I could freeze.  I now have 4 litres of frozen sauce I can use through the off season!


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