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Lets Talk Christmas – Deciding on the Theme and Menu

Christmas - Aussie Style
Christmas – Aussie Style

Well folks, It’s that time of years again – 8 weeks to Christmas!  And we all know how fast that time will disappear.  This year I am going to try something different.  I think it is time to tell you all about the preparation that goes in to a Preston Family Christmas and so I am going to blog my progress over the next 2 months – always under the heading Let’s Talk Christmas.  I hope you enjoy the posts – and who knows – you might even like to try some of the things that our family enjoy so much!

First thing on the agenda for us is always to sort out who will be here for Christmas Lunch, what theme we think we will follow, and what we would like to put on the menu.  This requires a meeting over coffee with my beautiful daughters-in-law – Alisha and Courtney, and my lovely mother-in-law Lola.  Our meeting took place yesterday.  I searched out all my Christmas cook books and had them ready on the dining room table, put the kettle on to boil, put out some biscuits (chocolate of course) and after everyone arrived, we got down to business

Christmas Planning over a Cuppa
Christmas Planning over a Cuppa

We jotted down the names of everyone that would be coming to lunch and discovered that there would be 14-16 people this years, which includes various sets of in-laws, parents, children, grandchildren and the odd sister or two!  Our tables will be full of happy faces, laughter and good cheer with that number of people enjoying each others company.

Then, it was time for the big decisions – what to eat!  Now this is truly the best part of the morning as far as I’m concerned.  This year the girls and I think we have come up with a scrumptious feast:

Starters:  Prawn Lettuce Cups, Cheese Plate, served with Champagne

Mains:  Roast Turkey with Peach Pistachio & Orange Stuffing, Roast Ham with Apricot Glaze, Honey Glazed Lamb  with Mint and Macadamia Crumble  and Stuffed Chicken (all roasts done on the b-b-q)

Sides:  Devilled Eggs (Courtney just loves them!), Potato Salad (my favourite), Tomato Salad with Roasted Garlic and Balsamic Dressing, Green Garden Salad

Desserts: Christmas Pudding with Brandy Custard, Tropical Trifle, Pavlova, Cream, Ice Cream

To Finish:  Coffee and homemade White Christmas

Now, how to cook all this and not have 2 mountains of food wasted is an art that our family have honed over the years!  In my opinion you shouldn’t be feeling so full that you literally can’t move after the meal – because that’s no fun at all!

That "I've Over Eaten Feeling"!
That “I’ve Over Eaten Feeling”!

So, preparation of the dishes is “divvied” up between the families.  All cooking is done on the understanding that you cook enough to feed everyone, but that a selection of the leftovers is sent home with each family so that boxing day is easy and enjoyable for everyone!

Over the years we have had many themes for Christmas including, Spanish, Italian, Hawaiian and Australian – just to name a few, but this year we are going to have a colour theme – Blue – like the stunning Aussie sky.  Alisha and I plan to go over town to purchase new table decorations as the ones I’ve used over the last 5-6 years have been the traditional Red, Green and Gold.  We will still set the tables up with my white and silver Christmas table clothes though as they are a tradition in themselves. The great thing about having a colour theme will be getting a really co-ordinated, fun family photo on the day though – I can’t wait.

So there you have it – the first step in preparing the traditions of the Preston Family Christmas!  In my next post I will include the recipes that we intend on using – just in case you would like to try them

Let’s Talk About Christmas again soon – Cheers

Six White Boomers
Six White Boomers


Christmas Planning over a Cuppa

Christmas  That I’ve Over Eaten Feeling:

Christmas  – Six White Boomers:

Christmas – Aussie Style:



3 thoughts on “Lets Talk Christmas – Deciding on the Theme and Menu

    1. Thankyou so much. I have a few posts coming up about my efforts to plan and organise our Christmas that you may like, including further recipes for my Christmas Feast. I should let you know though that, essentially, I am a family historian and my blog is full of history relevant to my ancestors – I hope you won’t be disappointed by that. I do like to include info in the blog about me though, as I find most family historians are so busy researching that they forget to leave relevant info about themselves!! Enjoy your Christmas in the UK – and I hope you keep enjoying our diverse range of Aussie foods. Julie

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