Two Years of Family History Blogging

Happy Birthday To Us
Happy Birthday To Us


Well this month is “The Keeper of Stories” second birthday.  I don’t know exactly what I expected my blog would be like, but it’s now two years on, and I am quietly please by how things are going.  I have learned so much about “blogging” and it has lead me to such interesting stories, some of which have left me speechless.  I’ve written a two part birthday celebration, looking back at my favourite stories and the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way.  I would like to say thank you to everyone for visiting the blog, looking at recipes or postcards and reading my stories, interviews and thoughts about life – it means a lot to me.


These are just a couple of my favourite stories that we have uncovered:

  1. The story of a sad suicide of a hardworking and loving husband  I was moved to write the story about Henry Watts Bailey and his wife Julia because of the sadness I felt when uncovering the story so many years ago.  It  is plainly obvious to me that this couple loved each other dearly, but that the darkness of depression got in the way of their life together.
  2. An Interview with my strong minded niece who plays grid iron football on the Gold Coast.  Adena Davy nee: Di Salvia is a clear headed, strong minded and committed person in all facets of her life, but particularly with her chosen sport.
  3. A tribute to my wonderful brother – Douglas Norman Di Salvia  I miss my brother everyday, and wanted very much to write a piece that would reflect the fun loving guy he was, the man dedicated to his family.
  4. The French Connection – the Thevenet side of the family.  Such a fun experience.
  5. The early life of my Grandfather – Edward Thomas Bailey  An adventure into the life of a man that I didn’t know well.
  6. The first Convict ancestor that I researched – Rowland Allsopp – Parts 1, 2 & 3  Now this piece was a challenge, and it was the first time that I wrote about someone in “chapters”.  The story was just to long to tell in one publication.
  7. Stunning vintage postcards from the Grandad’s collection such as Cronulla Beach Hotel, Happy Birthday Grandad, Katoomba, Girls in Glass and Silver and cards from New Caledonia
  8. An Interview with Noeleen Merle MacIntosh – Vegetarian Cooking Teacher
  9. Anzac Stories that could break your heart
  10. My Dad – Ronald Norman Di Salvia – Learning what I didn’t known – Parts 1 – 9 starts here  I amazed me to think that I had this man as my father and knew so very little about aspects of his life!
  11. A Relative on the Titanic  Now, not everyone can claim that!
  12. A colourful Great Grandmother – Mary Whiteman – Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4  Mary lived her life on her own terms, and was one of the strongest women I have come across in the family tree.


I’ve also learn much about researching the family and blogging and writing, along the way.  That story will follow – so stay tuned!



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