New Caledonia 1904 & 1905

There are a series of post cards that were sent to my grandmother Ines Maude Smith from New Caledonia from a friend by the name of Emile Leroux.  I assume that Granma visited her cousin Madeleine Thevenet in Noumea and that on that visit she met Emile, who consequently added to Grandad and Granma’s postcard collection considerably. Madeleine Thevenet was the daughter of Harriette Thevenet , my Granma’s Aunt.  These cards all seem to date between early 1904 to late 1905, so perhaps my Granma’s visit was around late 1903.  The postcards, which are 110 years old show jungle, Indigenous Women, housing, fashion and countryside – all of which would not be recognisable in today’s world.  During the month of October I will be sharing some of the postcard collection from the Noumea of Yesteryear.

Point Artillery0001

In New Caledonia – Noumea – Point Artillery (Point Artillery is vastly different today although the Cathedral on the far left centre is still standing)

Village Life0001

In New Caledonia – Tribe Kanak in the Gorges du Mont Mu – In our approach, some natives out of their box , seeming to wonder what we have to do at home (tribal life at the turn of last century)

Indigenous Women0001

In New Caledonia – Types Indigenous Women – For Clothes, a manou fibre  coconut or banana leaves , and that’s all …. (traditional fashion for Indigenous Women)

Virgin Forest0001

In New Caledonia – In virgin forest . What a tangle of lianas and other weird trees (Thick growth of the forest)

Banyan Tree0001

In New Caledonia – Under a Banyan.  Banyan is extracted from rubber (could that mean rubber is extracted from the Banyan Tree?) (just look at the men’s fashion of the early 1900’s!)




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