New Caledonia 1904 – 1905

Here are some more of the beautiful black and white postcards of New Caledonia that are amongst my Grandad’s Collection (Edward Thomas Bailey).  There is a family connection to New Caledonia between Edwards wife Ines Maude nee: Smith, and Ines’s cousins Madeleine, Raymond  and Henri Thevenet.  I believe that my grandmother Ines Maude Smith made at least one trip to New Caledonia, perhaps even more, although I have no proof.  There are a number of postcards in the collection from “friends” which is why I thought Granma had spent some time there. 

New Caledonia0001

In New Caledonia – General view of the Penitentiary I’lle Nou or the lodges are condemned to work force


Kanaks (Indigenous Melanesian Inhabitants of New Caledonia) on a canoe


New Caledonia – Landscape on the Road to Yate


New Caledonie – Forest Landscape


French Translation via email by Audrey Breckler – France


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