Blogging the Newspaper– Who Would Ever Want to be a Politician !

Smiling Backstabbers!
Smiling Backstabbers!

Well – here we go again!  After reading the Daily Telegraph yesterday, Wednesday Sept 16, 2015, I just shook my head and held it low.  What a laughing stock Australian Politics must be on the world political stage.  Who can believe we have had five Prime Ministers in five years, albeit that one of them was a “do-over”, and didn’t last long?

Of course there were many well written articles in yesterdays paper outlining all the reasons we needed a new “face” for our Liberal Prime Minister – Tony Abbott wasn’t articulate enough, Tony Abbott didn’t poll well therefore the party didn’t poll well, and of course – Tony Abbott doesn’t have the support of “the people”.  Well who would know – nobody took it to the people to vote, on did they?  Once again the person put in to lead this country by the country’s people has been ousted because the Politicians have decided that it’s “the right thing to do”.

It is actually quite irrelevant whether the “people” vote a Labour or a Liberal party into government, the greater issue here is that the face of the people-elected party can be changed at the drop of a hat by the party room antics of conniving, self-serving and manipulative politicians. The issue is also that the very rights of our country’s people is being undermined by these egotistical maniacs, but how do the people go about taking back their rights?  We only have one course of action open to us – wait until the next election and try again – or do we?  Perhaps we could all take a collective stand though – DON’T VOTE!!  It seems our vote is worth nothing anyway.  Of course – not voting is illegal and would get us all fined – so they have us over a barrel there, and for me at least – would not be an option.

What we could do though is bombard them with letters reflecting our discontent.  The power of the pen is mightier than the sword – and all that stuff.  Who out there will put their money where their mouth is – and let Canberra know that we have had enough of their antics?  If you feel you can write, you should make that stand and write today

Realistically, most people won’t put pen to paper – but we can always start a petition with thousands of names showing how we feel about having our voting rights overturned.  The new Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull – takes note of numbers doesn’t he?  After all he has quoted the opinion polls in a number of his speeches and the opinion polls are purely based on numbers.  Or does Mr Turnbull only take notice of numbers when there is a personal and political advantage?

Stop allowing our People-Elected Politicians to erode our rights, stop them from showing the world that Australia is more interested in back-stabbing and self-interest rather than productive policy and economic stabilisation.  I would encourage you to put pen to paper and write to Canberra today!


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