Blogging the Newspaper – Tribute Painting Defaced

Tuesday 15 April, 2015

The Northern Daily Leader, Page 2

Tribute Painting Defaced


Just a few words tonight based on an article in today’s paper that highlights to me that there are two types of graffiti artists – those that are displaying artistic talent and enhancing our community, and those that are a waste of breathable air.

After the death of Australian cricketing icon Richie Benaud, OBE, a local Tamworth graffiti artist has painted a stunning portrait of him on a railway pillar. The artist has captured an incredible likeness of Mr Benaud, simply adding R.I.P. to his work. This was clearly a work of tribute by the artist, to a man who has been the “voice” of cricket for most of my life, and also a striking visual reminder to all who saw the portrait, of the talent that we have lost.

But wait, some dim-witted, low life fool has defaced the artistic graffiti portrait of a hardworking and committed man in an attempt to be funny, hurt someone, make someone angry, or perhaps just for the thrill of breaking the law.

Heads up idiot – you are the one that loses, because there is not one damn thing you can do that will dim the respect for Mr Richie Benaud held by most Australians. Stop using up our valuable oxygen to do idiotic things and go get involved in artwork that you could one day be proud to put your name to.





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