Blogging the Newspaper -Working Their Way To A Job

Wednesday 8 April, 2015

Northern Dailey Leader, Page 4

Working Their Way to a Job

Today’s article of choice is about the Work for the Dole Scheme. The article explains how a large number of work for the dole participants in Tamworth and area have gone on to successfully find paid full time employment. These participants were visited by the Assistant Minister for Employment Mr Luke Hartsuyker during his visit to Tamwworth.

Mr Hartsuyker said that the participants were living proof that the scheme worked, and that is something that “die hard” critics of the scheme could not deny. These people had found employment in the hospitality, aged care and child service industries.

I would like to say well done to all the participants of the work for the dole scheme. These people showed initiative and strong work ethic in getting out there to find new skills and make new work connections. Those two traits alone are very desirable to prospective employers.  They have chosen not to accept government handouts without putting in some amount of effort in return, which I think is commendable. I am doubly pleased to hear that all their effort had been rewarded with paid employment.

I would like to see the Work for the Dole scheme be extended and be less of a choice. With so many community projects that need to be done in Tamworth alone there would surely be a few hours work per week for many, many more participants.

I began to wonder what jobs could be done by unskilled labour, which would actually increase the skill base of the participant, and came up with the following ideas:

  1. Hospital Volunteer Work. I work in a hospital and know the invaluable work done by our volunteer service. Skills that could be learned would focus mainly on customer service and people skills.
  2. Graffiti Eradication. While graffiti in nominated areas can look really artistic, much work needs to be done to “paint over” the junk left by vandals. Skills learned in this role could include painting preparation and painting which might lead to work with local painting companies or even councils.
  3. Community Park Patrol. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to see gardens tended, or even watered – within our watering restrictions of course. I have been in numerous parks of late where the grass is knee high, children’s play equipment is disrepair and garden beds are non-existant. Council does not seem to have the resources to attend to these places. Skills within this work could include gardening and basic maintenance.

If it is possible for me to think of 3 areas in only a few minutes where participants could Work for the Dole, surely the people responsible for the program could think of scores more.



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