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Blogging the Newspaper – Cops Are In Your Car

Tuesday, 7 April, 2015

Northern Daily Leader, page 1

Cops Are In Your Car


What a wonderful article I found in today’s local paper!

Drink driving is most likely a problem worldwide but in Australia it accounts for 15% of all road death. As a repeat offender a Tamworth man has become one of the first in our area to be ordered to have a breath testing device fitted to his car. I am very excited that both the Government and the Road Traffic Authority have been working on such a pro-active initiative.

The breath testing device is linked to the ignition system of the car. The offender must provide a breath sample before his vehicle will start, and then must also provide breath tests at random intervals during his journey. If he fails the breath test at any time his car will be disabled.

This initiative is probably not a failsafe method, but it should go a long way toward reducing alcohol related deaths on our roads. I personally do not know anyone that has lost someone dear to them because of the actions of a drunk driver, but my heart breaks for them every time I hear of an innocent death.

Over this Easter period a man led police on a long chase down the Moonbi Ranges, which is just out of Tamworth, reaching speeds of between 100 kph (in an 80 kph area) to 168 kph (in a 100 kph area). He successfully evaded the police car that chased him, as well as deployed tire deflation devices. My God – what an idiot! He could have killed himself, the police and innocent people. What a thoughtless and stupid action.

Also locally, a 41 year old father charged with high range drink driving whilst he had his four children – aged between 4 – 14 years – in his vehicle. What sort of madman endangers the lives of his children in this way?

I fervently hope that these devices are fitted to all repeat drink driving offenders as well as first time mid-range and high-range drink driving offences, after serving their disqualification from driving period. By targeting the mid to high range first time offenders we may just save even more lives.



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