Blogging the Newspaper – Beyoncé on Humans of New York

Monday, April 6, 2015

ABC News

Beyonce on Humans of New York

The only paper I had access to today was the Northern Daily Leader – our local paper, and it had nothing in it that I was tempted to comment on. So, I decided to go on-line and look at ABC New and found a happy story about odd names, which I have decided is extremely rare in a newspaper.

The news item is about a girl named Beyonce who has relocated from Pennsylvania to New York and is terrified of people finding out about her name, and all the teasing that usually goes with it. She describes how she sat quiet as a mouse too frightened to move in her chair in case someone noticed her, when the teacher began roll call. Sure enough there was the usual teasing and singing of “Single Girl”, which is what she posted on social media.

But the news item then went on to say that others began to also post about their experiences with unusual names.

  • First name Isis (name used by a terrorist group)
  • Johnny Blizzard (says he’s heard it all!!)
  • Pooja Panicker (simply posted “my name”)
  • Elvis Infante ( called a hound dog who is crying all the time)
  • Jaymee Fox (always gets – “but you’re not a black man”)

I’m so glad that for once we get to hear a supportive story come out about social media, but really – my mind boggles at the things that a parent can inflict on the child they love.

I work with children and some of the names I have come across are unbelievable:

Calypso, JarMarLee, Tykoda, Kerosine – pronounced Ke-ros-in-ee, Allambee, Eirik – pronounced Eric, Tarj – Taj – TJ – Tarhj – all prounounced Tar-j, Boye, Kammeran – prounounced Cameron, Rain, Tachkahla – pronounced Ta-shay-lar.

A name is not what makes someone an individual. The way you raise a child and the talents you help them find within themselves as they grow are the things that make them an individual. Do struggling parents name their children weird names in the hope that the name will make them important at some point? Personally, I can’t see a future Australian Prime Minister by the name of Boye Anybody or Kerosine Someone, can you?

People – think what you are doing! Instead of trying to give a child a name that is different and defining, think of how the name you may have made up for them might be perceived in the years to come. How much difficulty will they experience in their lives explaining it – or even spelling it?



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