Blogging the Newspaper – Barking Mad Bulldogs

Sunday April 5, 2015

Barking Mad Bulldogs – Show Some Respect

Sunday Telegraph   Page 7

Heaven help me – I’m going to make a comment about the NRL football game last Friday evening!! Now – let’s get this straight – I do not follow the footy like my husband does, I don’t have a favourite club, unless it’s Parramatta and that’s only because I used to live there, and I do not understand all the rules, however I did watch the game between the Bulldogs and the Rabbitohs with hubby the other evening.

To my way of thinking there were some odd calls by the referees, even I could see that – but get a grip people – it’s a game and it was played in the pouring rain!! The behaviour of the captain for the Bulldog’s, James Graham, was a bit over the top, though in his defence the call against him by the referee was a bad one, even the commentators discussed the situation and agreed the call was wrong (with the aid of slo-mo replay).

No – James Graham should not have barked at the referee, no he should not have waved his hand around in front of the referee and yes – he could have dealt with the situation a lot better. Hopefully – these things he will learn with more experience as a captain. He is relatively new to the role after all.

The worst part of the game for me was watching as a small number of Bulldog’s supporters pelted the referee’s and inter-change officials with plastic water bottles as they exited the field. Two men fell whilst trying to avoid being hit by the bottles, one of whom has broken his shoulder. The article goes on to state that CCTV footage is being closely looked at in an attempt to find the culprits and penalise them.  By this time though, I fear the game was spoiled for everyone.

These people should not just be slapped on the wrist and banned from live games. They consciously chose to throw projectiles in an attempt to hurt or mame another individual – they should be heavily fined and made to do community service, as well as banned for life from games.

Below the article on the same page is a small article in which an average mum  says she would not feel safe in taking her two children to a live footy match. How very sad that our football games have gone from great Aussie fun, to a game where the crowd, players and officials can be hurt by a group of stupid thugs!






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