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Blogging the Newspaper – Child Bride Father Guilty

2 April 2015    The Daily Telegraph,  Page 12

Child Bride Father Guilty

This article today outlines the story of a father of a 12 year old girl, who willingly allowed the child’s marriage to a 26 year old man. The biggest shock of all – this took place right here in Australia!!  The very country in which I have enjoyed such freedom and love.

I chose this article to blog about to-day, not because it was of front page interest to many or made ripples of conversation in my workplace, but because it has been of the greatest importance to me all my life. The safety of our children is the responsibility of us allparent or not.

What kind of sick mind would believe that handing your little girl over to a pervert, in the name of religion, will ever be tolerated in our country?  Furthermore, what type of insanely  sick individual could find sexual gratification with a little girl?

The article says that the father of this little girl did not consent to the marriage. If you did not consent to the marriage why would you then agree to hold the service in the child’s family home – YOUR home?  The 63 year old Hunter Valley man also claimed that he did not know the married couple were having sex, but arranged for them to share a bed when they visited the child’s family home after the wedding. He is a liar!

Thank heaven for an honest judge, one willing to stand up for the rights of this vulnerable child. The judge is reported as saying she did not believe him (the father). Thankyou.

I have always taken my parental responsibility very seriously, as has my husband, and we love our sons deeply. We have tried to show our boys how to be individuals, but to also be worthy members, and positive contributors to the society in which they live. We have always tried to protect them and show them how much they are loved each and every day.

I would urge any of you to be watchful of any child. If you are concerned that something is amiss next door, at school, at work – or a couple of block away – please, please contact someone that can help. This is the responsibility of EVERYONE.  No child on earth deserves to be starved or beaten, married off against their will or sold into slavery, nor used for someones own sick gratification by the lowest filth mankind has walking around – child molesters.


Protect Our Children At All Costs
Protect Our Children At All Costs

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