Blogging the Newspaper – Milat’s Letters: Inside a Psycho’s Mind

Hello to anyone who reads this

I have decided to try something very different this month – just for the month of April.  I am going to attempt to blog every day about a chosen article from the newspaper and put my thoughts about the subject on paper.  I hardly ever express a personal opinion for fear of upsetting people, but recently I wrote about my thoughts on a television program and felt liberated by opening up.

I hope that by doing this exercise for the month that people will get to know more about me, and that sometime in the future it will provide valuable information about my character & what makes me tick – something that is always hard to pinpoint when one works in family history.

So – Here goes !!

1 April 2015    The Daily Telegraph, Page 9

Milat’s Letters: Inside a Psycho’s Mind

I understand that a newspaper must make their money by filling pages with “news”, I really do. My question is a simple one though – Why in heaven’s name would you give coverage to such an evil individual? It not only builds his notoriety but, sadly, there will be other people in the broader community that hang on Milat’s every word and believe in his innocence.

It is beyond me to understand why Milat’s nephew would publish the letters he has received over the last number of years, if not for the comforts the all mighty dollar can provide. I would sooner poke out my eyes then read what a crazed and poisoned mind thinks about life when I had all the wonderfully creative authors of our world to explore.

The other question that smacks one in the face here is – What constitutes worthy news? I guess each person will have a different view of what should be covered as news in a newspaper, and that is as it should be, but I whole heartedly believe the Ivan Milat, the man who caused untold suffering and pain to at least 7 people, should just be incarcerated – and never heard from again!


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