Three Cherubs in a Pool

The Twins and Me
The Twins and Me

This is one of my favourite photographs.  The twins and I just loved getting into our little wading pool as kids and would spend hours enjoying ourselves.  You can see the kick-boards on the grass beside the pool.  From left there is Kellie Ann, middle is Kim Leigh and to the right is me, Julie Anne.  I think I was around 6 years old, so that would have made Kim and Kellie about 4 years old.

I remember the night that Santa Clause brought the pool for us.  I was asleep on the top bunk when I woke up to a “clang” of metal and the laughter of my older sister Gwen and our Mum.  They were quick to tell me that Santa had left something in the lounge room and that they had to bring it in.  I couldn’t see anything interesting, so I just went back to sleep.  What fun we three had over the summer that year, Santa must have known that a pool was just what we wanted!



    1. Thanks so much Jana – that really exciting! I just rang one of my sisters to tell her about the blogs listing because I couldn’t keep it to myself.
      Kind regards

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