Susanna Wellington – My 3rd Great Aunt

Susanna Wellington, c. 1825
Susanna Wellington, c. 1825

Susannah Wellington is my3rd Great Aunt and during her short life she showed herself to be gentle, kindly, studious and religious.  We are very fortunate that for a time during her young years she kept a journal which has given us a unique opportunity to experience what her life during the 1830’s was like.

Susannah’s father George, a Chemist and Druggist in Yeovil, married his first wife Elizabeth nee: Edwards in 1803, and that marriage produced 5 children – George, Mary, Sarah, William and John.  Sadly baby John and his mother died in August of 1815.

Susannah was the second of 11 children born to George Wellington and his second wife Elizabeth nee: Sampson. The children were:

  1. Jane Penelope b. 6 July 1818 (my Great Great Grandmother),   d. 13 Dec 1896
  2. Susannah b. 20 Aug 1819,    d. 6 Jun 1838
  3. Richard George b. 30 Nov 1820    d. 1 Mar 1822
  4. Frances Elizabeth b. 28 Feb 1822,   d. 11 Mar 1904
  5. Rosa b. 16 May 1823,   d. 12 Mar 1889
  6. Frederick George Noble b. 30 Nov 1824,   d. 25 May 1887
  7. Lucy b. 12 May 1826 ,   d. 14 Dec 1899
  8. Richard b. 2 Aug 1827,   d. 5 Jan 1828
  9. Alexander Sampson b. 29 Aug 1831,   d. 10 May 1833
  10. Rebecca b. 11 Aug 1834,   d. 22 Oct 1855
  11. Ellen Mariana b. 1 Feb 1840,   d. 14 Aug 1912

By all accounts Susannah’s early life was one of happiness with a loving family around her, and quite a comfortable lifestyle which afforded her a good education.  You can imagine the noise in a household of so many children – and surely there was never a lonely moment for anyone.

A lot of wonderful work has been done by Susan Buck  in recording and sharing Susannah’s journal entries with the rest of her family. My personal favourites so far are stories around Susannah’s schooling when she was just 12 years old, the recording of family information, the treatment of Tuberculosis with leeches,  and the information about the Christmas and New Year celebrations of the Wellington family in 1836-37.  Susan Buck goes to great lengths to give an account of the social history surrounding such events and it is truly fascinating reading.

Sadly, Susannah died from Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 6 Jun 1838 at the very young age of just 18 years.  We would never have had the opportunity to know about her life at all had it not been for the fact that she chose to keep a Journal of events.  What a true treasure this keepsake has been, giving us a glimps into a time long gone and a young life that can, and will, always be remembered.

Susannah Wellington's Journal
Susannah Wellington’s Journal



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