Part 2 -Long Weekend June

Day 2 – Saturday 7 Jun 2014

The morning was filled with people rushing to an fro, the sound of hair dryers, quick cups of coffee and hurriedly applied make-up! We were out the door by 10.00 am to pick up a friend, and then barrelled down the motorway heading into the Lyric Theatre at The Star Casino.  Once there, we spent a relaxing hour wandering around a Growers Market  on Pirrama Road, on the waters edge at Pyrmont with the sun beaming down on us from above.

We ate our lunch at the café section just along from the Lyric Theatre as we watched the myriad of people pass by. Tall, short, fat and skinny, some dressed in track pants and joggers, others in their very best clothes and adorned with expensive jewellery.  Three of us decided to have lunch from the Flying Fish restaurant, and one from a Lebanese restaurant, and  I must say that that was the best Fish in Beer Batter, Chips and Salad that I’ve had in many a long day.  We had discovered that Adrianno Zumbo’s patisserie was just a little further along the corridor, so you can guess where we went for dessert!  My citrus tart was velvet smooth and just heaven on the taste buds.

Then, the moment I had been looking forward to for months – time to go to our seats.  Kim had worried that they would not be good enough seats, but they were just perfect.  They simply could not have been better as they were on the first raised level affording us a magnificent view of the entire stage.  I had bought a Strictly Ballroom book at the front of the theatre, so I took the time to look through it, and it only made me more excited to be there.

The show itself was everything you could have wanted – sensational music, fantastic singing, and outstanding dance.  I adored the gowns the girls were wearing, fascinated by the almost liquid movement of the material as they floated across the dance floor.  There was plenty of “bling” in the millions of coloured sequins adorning the gowns, and downy soft feathers hanging from hemlines.

I guess the most stunning dance would have to have been the Paso Doble.  I found the dance, performed by Fernando Mira who played Rico, just breathtaking, inspiring and so very moving!  The audience must have agreed with me because the applause just erupted when it was finished.

On the whole I clapped, sang me heart out, cheered, and watched the talent of the cast in absolute awe.  What a fabulous show.  I could certainly recommend it to anyone.

Once we arrived back at Kim and Glenn’s place we all decided that cooking would be too much effort, so we jumped back in the car and enjoyed a meal at the Blacktown Bowling Club.



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