Interview With Adena Davy

In September 2013 I took a holiday with my sister Kellie and my niece Adena.  I love getting together with these two people as we all get on so well, but something really magical happens when we meet up.  We laugh!! and laugh and laugh, and laugh some more.  Sometimes we laugh until tears stream down our cheeks, and we can hardly breath with the joy of it.

Seriously though –  I got to interview Adena Davey – my niece extraordinaire – about her love of American Grid Iron football and how she came to play for the Gold Coast Stringrays.  Read on …………..

My sister Kellie & her daughter Adena Davy – June 2009

How did you come to have an interest in Gridiron?

I was feeling like something was “missing” last year, so I figured I would write down a list of 50 things to do for 2013.  I cut them all up and I put them in a jar at home so I pulled one out when I wanted – and that’s what I do, it doesn’t go back in, I do whatever I pull out.  It was to join a team sport.

The day after I pulled the Gridiron slip out of the jar I turned the computer on and went to Facebook, and on the right hand side there was advertising for the Gold Coast Stingrays Women’s Gridiron and so that’s how it all came about.  I sent through an email and got a reply back from the manager and she just said that it wasn’t the start of the season yet but that they were playing “flag” which is like an Oztag type of Gridiron. So she told me to come down and have a look to see if I was interested, and go from there.  It turns out that Gridiron is the fastest growing women’s sport in Queensland.

Gold Coast Stingrays
Gold Coast Stingrays

So essentially you’ve drawn up a bucket list, do you think that you will get all the things on your list done?

Yep, I have pretty much done everything that I’ve pulled out so far, and I have a full 12 months to do it.

When & where was the first time you watched a live game?

I watched the Australian Colts play the “best of” from America at Runaway Bay about 5 or 6 weeks ago and that was the first time I’d ever seen a live game.  I had started playing Flag in March (2013) and then we started playing Gridiron at the start of the season in May (2013)

So, you really didn’t know what you were in for when you first started to play the game?


What inspired you to play the game yourself?

Meeting the girls from the teams, and I liked playing Flag which was mixed, so we were playing with the men as well.  Once I’d met some of the girls and got to know them a little bit, I decided that I wanted to give Gridiron a go.

You’re covered in bruises and you’ve been telling me about numerous aches and pains in every joint that you have from training.  What motivates you to get through a tough training session?


The team! The girls – we’re all in the team, we’re all in the same boat.  I didn’t want to let the team or the coaches down, and I didn’t want to give up.  We have 2 offence coaches – Rob and Ivan, as well as a defence coach – Ezra

How has playing Gridiron impacted on your average day?

Training for Gridiron has shown me how to be a part of a team, and how to be around and get along with so many girls.  I don’t have a “lot” of girlfriends, or girls that I hang out with all the time, and I work in a male dominated job.  I find that when we’re having a chalk board session the girls tend to talk over one another, which is definitely a girl thing and it drives me insane.  But there is no bitchiness, and it’s a really good part of what we do as a team.  I’ve met more girls in the last 6 months than I have done in 11 years since I moved to the Gold Coast.

How do you think Gridiron has helped you develop as a person?

I think Gridiron has probably shown me how strong a personality I do have.  I didn’t know that I could come across as intimidating.

There are a lot of different and even stronger personalities in the team, some younger people and some older people   We’re all there to do a job together – we’re not in school anymore, so learning to get along within a team has been great.

I’ve learned more about working with a group of girls and getting along with a wide age group of people.

When do you play your first game?


This coming Friday – Go the Rays!! 6/9/2013 at Logan against the Logan Jets.

How do you find the committment of the other team members?

Perhaps there is weak links but our saying is – “We’re only as strong as our weakest link”, we work together.  I play offence, I’m a blocker so I protect the other team members running the ball (quarterback).  Before we started full contact scrimmage in early August there were some players that were just “going through the motions”, but when we started playing the real game, it all came together.

Do you see yourself committing to this game as a long-term project?


If I’m O.K. at the end of the season, I will definitely continue to play on. This season will finish in December (2013).  I’ts a 4 months season and we’ll have 2 by’s in that time.  Each game goes for round about an hour.  So we’ll just wait and see.

And Guess What – The Gold Coast Stingrays Won the Season!!

Adena with Team Members at the Summerbowl Games
Adena with Team Members at the Summerbowl Games

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