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Oh, How I Love Christmas

This is my absolute favourite time of the year.

Don’t you find that everyone tries just a little bit harder to be the best person they can be at this time of year?  They are kinder to each other, much more giving of themselves, and they work harder for the benefit of others, showing more love & kindness they they have all year!

I start planning christmas meals months before December 24th, pouring through old magazines and books to find just the right recipes for our family to share on Chrismas day. I work on a colour theme for our christmas table, matching plates, cutlery and centre pieces with absolute joy and happiness.

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Each year we decorate our christmas tree with all the love and excitment that only christmas can bring.  Over the years we have collected some very pretty tree decorations, but my favourites decorations, by far, are the decorations made by my beautiful sons during their school years.  Lucas made a “stained glass” tree in pre-school which is actually a coloured tree on baking paper  pasted onto a black cardboard frame.  Every year, without fail, I delicately position a pretty coloured light behind the drawing so that it stands out on the tree, but doesn’t burn the drawing.  Brett made a lovely “Aussie Chrismas Pod”  with the seed pod of an Australian native tree, red crepe paper, cotton wool and green tape.  He was in kindergarten when he brought this little treasure home, one hot December afternoon.  He and I proudly lifted it to its position of safety on one of the higher branches of the tree.

Our Christmas Tree 2012
Our Christmas Tree 2012

We sometimes have theme’s for our Christmas.  In 2009 we really went all out as a family and it was one of our all time memorable years.  The theme for that year was Hawian Beach.  My husband slaved in the back yard mowing the lawns and weeding the gardens.  Terry ordered in a load of beach sand, and we put a blow up pool in the middle of it, complete with plastic palm tree and a huge parrot!  We drank exotic cocktails, ate sumptious summer salads and bar-b-qued Ham with pineapple glaze.  Everyone had to come dressed in beach gear, and we had Lei’s on hand when the guests arrived.  Oh, what a fun christmas that one was.  We have also had a Blue and White christmas, a Backyard Fun christmas(waterslide), an Italian themed christmas, and what christmas would be complete without a seafood christmas!!

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As I look back at all our christmas fun one thing sticks out for me, and that is the laughter we have shared as a family during these times.  It’s almost as though for one day each year our family has not a care in the world – we can laugh till be cry, drink, be merry, eat like kings, we can enjoy each other and do crazy things together – backyard cricket, dogdeball, waterslides, board games – everything that you don’t get time to do at any other time of year.  How very blessed and lucky we are to be able to share such bountiful gifts with the people we love.

I would love to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a safe and exciting New Year in 2014.  May all your dreams come true.



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