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The Post Card Collection

I am truly blessed to be the “minder” of my Grandparents post card collection. 

My mother Madeleine Ines Di Salvia nee: Bailey handed this treasure down to me for safe keeping.  The two old albumns which originally housed the collection were grey/blue in colour and were embossed in white. These beautiful old albumns were disintergrating a little more every time someone turned a page, so my husband and I lovingly transferred the cards into 1 new albumn in the early part of 1981, and this albumn has been in my keeping since then.  We chose a large grey/blue albumn hoping to at least stay with the original colouring. It has black pages and we chose white photo corners to insert the cards.

Edward Thomas & Ines Maude Bailey started collecting cards from approximately 1902 through to the early 1920’s.  Not only are these cards beautifully handcrafted, but they are unique.  The messages written on the back of the cards show a snapshot of what was important in the lives of the people that mattered to my grandparents during this period.

I hope to scan some of the cards, and share the messages written on the back.  I am always mindful though, that my mother wanted to keep some of these messages private. 

Keep a look out for future posts relating to this beautiful collection.


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