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Grandma’s Cook Book

Grandma’s cook book was given to me by my mother Madeleine Ines Di Salvia nee: Bailey.  Grandma wrote out her recipes in both pencil and ink, in a book that appears to be similar to a modern 67 page excersise book.  The surprising thing about the book is that it carries a lot of vegetarian recipes, but whether that was because money was tight, or by choice, I don’t know.

The book no longer has a cover, and in an attempt to protect it, I store it in a small box.  Grandma’s writing on these tea coloured, aged pages is now fading.  I would like to ensure that future generations know what recipes Grandma kept, what the cook book looked like and also be able to see her hand writing.  I have transferred a couple of recipes into my own recipe book, and although I have modified some of them to include extra ingredients, they are basically the same and quite popular with my family. 

Grandma also kept newspaper clippings of births, deaths and marriages in the back of the book.  These clippings were an invaluable source of information when I first started researching our family history over 35 years ago.  Goodness knows why she kept these clippings in a cook book – but thank heavens she did.


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